Flen Enterprises LLC

You work hard. All week long you sacrifice yourself, your time, and sometimes, your sanity. You deserve your down time to relax and rejuvinate, so let Flen Enterprises take care of the dirty details for you! Whether you are in need of residential or commercial cleaning services, pet sitting so you can escape guilt free, home management, shopping services or a concierge, one
call truly does it all!

Flen Enterprises honors those who served by offering a 10% ongoing discount on all regular cleaning and your 5th clean is  free!

Let us help you win the litter battle...

Whether you are a sole proprieter or part of real estate management team, we can guarantee that "pick up trash in the parking lot" is at athe bottom of your to-do list, if it makes it there at all. Fortunately for you there is Flen Enterprises LLC, an owner operated business specializing in litter cleanup at commercial properties!

We offer a cost effective approach to year round litter cleanup by cleaning litter from your entire grounds (parking lot, sidewalks and landscape) daily for the same amount that it costs for one power sweeping!

Our service is performed during the appropriate time of day to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, and we use special tools that allow us to clean up more litter at less cost to our customers.

The appearance of your property projects an image. Clean, litter free grounds helps you attarct tenants and keeps them happy. It also conveys positive thoughts about your company in the community.

Call or email now for your FREE estimate! Save even more when you bundle cleaning services for your building along with your lot cleanup!
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