Flen Enterprises LLC

You work hard. All week long you sacrifice yourself, your time, and sometimes, your sanity. You deserve your down time to relax and rejuvinate, so let Flen Enterprises take care of the dirty details for you! Whether you are in need of residential or commercial cleaning services, pet sitting so you can escape guilt free, home management, shopping services or a concierge, one
call truly does it all!

Flen Enterprises honors those who served by offering a 10% ongoing discount on all regular cleaning and your 5th clean is  free!


Fur babies are family too!

Pet Sitting Services
At Flen Enterprises, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized to your unique needs. Since we strive to be professional in all aspects of our company, you can check out our membership to the Professional Unites Pet Sitters(P.U.P.S.) on our forms page, and be sure to ask about discounts for combining services!
Dog Sitting Daily Visits
Cat Sitting Services

Why worry about the potential of your fur baby getting fleas, diseases, or injuries from a kennel when they can stay home and stress less? Our standard package includes 2 visits per day and offers supervised walks, playtime, food and water check/change, treats if allowed, administering medications and special considerations like putting the TV/stereo on a timer for white noise. 

$ 15.00 per visit x 2 day ($30.00 total) no minimum up to 4 dogs if no walking required, 2 dogs if leash assisted walking neccessary

We cater to your kitties better than a kennel could in the comfort of your own home! Daily food and water check/change, litter box maintenance, treats and play time, medication if necessary and special considerations like putting the TV/stereo on a timer for white noise, climate control, lighting, etc. 

$15.00 per visit (30-45 min); two day minimum, up to 4 cats included

Pet Taxi
Doggy Slumber Party

If your pooch is too anxious to stay at home alone overnight we don't mind snuggling up and sleeping beside your pet! This service includes all of the features of the daily visit except the second visit will be the sleep over. 

$ 15.00 daily visit charge +$50.00 overnight = $75.00 per day no minimum up to 4 doggies without leash walking requirement 

Occasionally our ever-changing overly abundant schedules make it difficult to schedule vet visits, grooming or other appointments for our furry friends....when this happens, call us for a Pet Taxi! 

$20.00 per hr. $10.00 every additional hour up to two fur babies (dog, cats, or combo) 

Doggy Day Out

Sometimes all your furry friend needs is a change of scenery! We will pick up your pooch for a day on the town where we will visit the local pet park for some social time!

$20.00  per hr. $10.00 every additional hour up to two dogs