Flen Enterprises LLC

You work hard. All week long you sacrifice yourself, your time, and sometimes, your sanity. You deserve your down time to relax and rejuvinate, so let Flen Enterprises take care of the dirty details for you! Whether you are in need of residential or commercial cleaning services, pet sitting so you can escape guilt free, home management, shopping services or a concierge, one
call truly does it all!

Flen Enterprises honors those who served by offering a 10% ongoing discount on all regular cleaning and your 5th clean is  free!

Customer Testimonials

  1. Great job cleaning and I love the online invoicing and payments!
    Tommie S
  2. Room for improvement on owner instructing ladies as to details of cleaning. Ladies were efficient and professional, as well as cheerful and pleasant!
    Carolyn Brown
  3. Found every crumb and dirt in every corner of this house. Completely cleaned the house from end to end. Swept, mopped, polished, shined everything top to bottom!
    Liz Mayo
  4. A Gulf Coast Clean came to my rescue in December. I had just listed my house as a short term rental and had it cleaned by a house-detailing company who did a very mediocre job. The house booked right away, so I contacted A Gulf Coast Clean to see if they could come help me get the house ready before the guests arrived. They came out right away and proceeded to super clean my house. I mean sparkling clean. I now use them on a regular basis to keep my house ready for guests on a moments notice.
    Nancy H
  5. Susan of A Gulf Coast Clean responded to my voicemail almost immediately and came out within the hour to give me a bid. Her pricing was competitive and fair, and even though we ended up not using them for this home, we will consider their services for homes in the future.
    Terry S
  6. Susan has an impeccable work-ethic and extremely high standards! It's such a relief to have her caring for our house, since we live out of town!
    Kit Brooking
  7. They do a fantastic job caring for my house and tending to our pets when we are away...5 stars!
    Anne L
  8. Susan is extremely responsive to our booking requests for housekeeping, and she keeps any eye on cottage while we are away. Having a reliable, organized housekeeper is essential for the success of our vacation rental.
    Leah P